Alagna Valsesia



Alagna Valsesia lies at the foot of the Monte Rosa massif, at an altitude of 1,154 metres, and is included in the Alta Valsesia Natural Park. Alagna traces its ancient origins back to 1200 when some communities of German origin, the Walser, settled in the area. Today it is made up of numerous villages aggregated to the town centre. Walking along the central via dei Walser, one breathes in an atmosphere that smells of ancient traditions. The small, picturesque streets of the village are dotted with the typical dwellings of the Walser people, houses built in wood and stone that make the town a real historical and cultural jewel. A true paradise for all sports enthusiasts, especially thanks to the Monterosa Sky, but also for summer sports such as trekking, MTB but also paragliding and rafting.



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