Novara. Broletto

Pubblicato : Saturday, 13 January, 2024 - 22:25


This cosy and elegant courtyard represents the ancient heart of the city. The mediaeval complex consists of four buildings erected in different eras, offering architectural, decorative and artistic elements that differ from one another. The Palazzo dell'Arengo, with its round arches, as well as the Palazzo dei Paratici (city guilds) with its elegant portico and loggia, date back to the 13th century. While Palazzo del Podestà and Palazzo della Referendaria are from the late 14th to early 15th century.


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Novara. Basilica of San Gaudenzio and Antonelliana Dome

Pubblicato : Saturday, 13 January, 2024 - 16:30


The work of Antonelli, the architect of Turin's Mole Antonelliana, the Dome of San Gaudenzio is the symbol par excellence of the city of Novara. Entering the city from different directions, the 19th-century dome is clearly visible towering from above. Strangely, rising in a maze of narrow streets, it is often better seen from a distance than from close up. The rest of the basilica, on the other hand, is of much more recent construction (17th century), and preserves valuable Baroque works, especially in its chapels.


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Nebbiuno. Sass dal Pizz

Pubblicato : Saturday, 13 January, 2024 - 11:10


What could be more restful than a bench after a walk? Just think if you add to this the picturesque setting of a rocky outcrop, on which two benches are positioned, directly overlooking Lake Maggiore. But that's not all! From this veritable natural balcony, the view sweeps from the plain, to the lakes of the Varese area, to the arc of the Alps. Starting from Fosseno, in the municipality of Nebbiuno, by means of a steep climb, but only a few minutes, you can enjoy this unique panorama.


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Gignese. Ombrella Museum

Pubblicato : Thursday, 11 January, 2024 - 18:37


Especially when the weather is inclement, a trip to Gignese, a small town not far from Stresa, is recommended. The museum it houses is truly unique. Focusing on the theme of umbrellas and parasols, it houses over a thousand pieces, many of them curious and strange, or of considerable historical value, belonging to important personalities, such as Margherita di Savoia or Mazzini. A section is also dedicated to umbrella makers, their lives and the rudimentary tools of the past.


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Alpino (hamlet of Stresa). Alpinia Botanical Garden

Pubblicato : Sunday, 7 January, 2024 - 13:03


Located in a panoramic position of rare value, the Garden is a veritable panoramic balcony, a belvedere that allows the eye to sweep over Lake Maggiore, the Borromean Islands and the spectacular backdrop of the Alps. Inside is a naturalistic collection of more than 700 different types of plants, mainly Alpine, but also numerous species from the Orient and America. By cable car, the garden can be quickly reached from both Stresa and Mottarone.


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Mottarone. Alpyland

Pubblicato : Saturday, 6 January, 2024 - 22:22


It is hard to imagine a more atmospheric roller coaster than this. Although technically it is Alpine Coaster, a bobsleigh track on rails, which can be used in both winter and summer. With its 1,200 metres all downhill (100 metres difference in altitude), one experiences both the thrill of speed and the unique experience of its panorama. Located on the summit of Mottarone, it allows unique views of Lake Maggiore, the Alps and the Lombardy region, and thanks to the personal brake, everyone can choose their own speed of descent.


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Pubblicato : Saturday, 6 January, 2024 - 17:28


At 1492 metres, it is among the lowest peaks in the Alps, but despite this it dominates a spectacular panorama, which has earned it the nickname of the 'mountain of the seven lakes'. Together with the two large lakes, Orta and Maggiore, on sunny days it is also possible to see nearby Lake Mergozzo, as well as the lakes of the Varese region (Varese, Monate, Comabbio and Biandronno). All this surrounded by the Alps. Easily reached by car, it is the ideal destination even for lazy climbers. In fact, its summit is only a few metres walk from the car park.


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Laveno Mombello

Pubblicato : Saturday, 6 January, 2024 - 09:51


Considered the tourist capital of the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore, it has a very pleasant centre with bars, restaurants, boutiques and small shops. Equally charming is the lakeside promenade that leads from the Gaggetto park to the harbour. From the lakefront, it is possible to admire the profile of the Piedmontese coastline along which Verbania stands out, located directly opposite the Laveno landing stage. Finally, by means of a cestovia, it is possible to reach Poggio Sant'Elsa, located behind Laveno, and from whose panoramic terrace one can enjoy a breathtaking view.


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