The caves of Ara


The Mount Fenera with its beautiful forests and its unique flora in Piedmont, is located on the border between the territories of Novara and Vercelli, but the slopes of the mountain hide much more than what the eyes can see at first glance.

For Ara, a hamlet of Grignasco, the creek Magiaiga with its spectacular waterfalls, day after day continues to change the cavity of four caves that extend for a depth ranging from six to twenty meters.

In this point the creek runs through the so-called Garden of the Caves, which extends in an entirely of dolomite valley and is a veritable open-air museum full of wonderful karst manifestations.

The caves have always exercised a special fascination on the inhabitants of the area: in an old manuscript, a local historian has called the Ara caves as "Temple of the fairies, caves of sirens, a place beloved by Sibille".

The Natural Park of Mount Fenera, recognizing the extraordinary importance of the area has acquired the property, oversaw the re-naturalization of the Caves Garden and promoted the restoration of the little house that is in the middle.

For all these features that make the area a valuable unique, the 3P Association has chosen the House of the Garden of Ara as a venue for educational activities related to archeology and its projects for the promotion of the territory.


grotte di ara grignasco